Smoking pregnant.

We all know smoking while pregnant is bad for the baby, causing many problems for the baby such as low birth weight and increasing the liklihood of asthma and cancer later in childhood. So it makes sense that if you smoke and find out you are pregnant you should quit right?

The texts states that “if a pregnant woman stops smoking at any time, even during the third trimester, she immediately reduces the likelihood that her infant will be born underweight and suffer from future problems.” If this is so why do some doctors say that it is better to just reduce your smoking rather than quit due to the stress on your body causing more trauma to the baby than smoking does?

Or is this just a women’s excuse to not quit smoking? Maybe her hearing what she wants instead of doing what is right. ¬† says that IS beneficial to quit smoking, even cold turkey. Maybe the pregnant smoker should just quit by slowly cutting down so quitting does not put so much stress on the pregnant women’s body? also recommends a gradual step down to quit smoking while pregnant.

I found an article addressing just this at,,midwife_3p6j,00.html it states that it is a fact that there is no safe level of cigarettes for woment who are pregnant. Just proving that women should quit smoking while pregnant! I know this is hard, but shouldn’t your baby be what is most important for the pregnant woman?

Cassidy Gore


~ by cassidyk03 on September 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Smoking pregnant.”

  1. doesn’t everybody know smoking is bad why would they do that to there child?

  2. One fallacy that I am finding with this post is the comment that “some doctors say that it is better to just reduce your smoking rather than quit due to the stress on your body causing more trauma to the baby than smoking does.” While the less stress a pregnant women has to deal with would only help the baby, I find is extremely hard to believe that having stress put upon a fetus in any way would be more harmful than a foreign substance as smoking does. I would like to know who these ‘some’ doctors are. Most pregnant women are under extreme pressures and stress and is it uncommon that the stress they undergo actually causes deformities, and medical issues like smoking more than not does cause.

    Where is this information from? Ivillage? Ivillage is not a reviewed medical website- often it is just opinions of people with a few insights of people with an actual background. Please inform me so that I can read the views of the doctors that agree smoking is better than stress.

  3. I agree that it seems in modern times everyone should know that smoking is bad for a fetus or embryo. As you said though I think that people may just be in denial and making up excuses because it must be incredibly hard to quit smoking. I remember hearing somewhere that some people are still disputing the fact that smoking can lead to cancer, they state that there haven’t been enough studies, or studies that lasted long enough. (don’t quote me on that, I haven’t looked it up). I do agree that it is pretty ridiculous!

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