Another form of child abuse

Despite the rare cases, no parent would knowingly hurt their children.  However harm can be placed on a child long before it is born.  During pregnancy the unborn baby is only slightly less susceptible to things than after it is born.  One of the major threats is what goes into the mother’s body.  Which is why a pregnant mother needs to be very careful about what she consumes and should most certainly not drink alchol or take and sort of drug without consulting therir physician.  Besides possibly harming all aspects of your new child’s life, the book also mentions that when they are born, they are born addicted to the drugs.

When a baby is prenatally exposed to harmful and addicting drugs, it is very unlikely they would receive any more of the drug.  Essentially the baby will go into detox just like any adult would if they were to stop taking a drug.  According to our text different drugs that a mother takes during pregnancy have different effects on the child.  When a mother takes heroin during a pregnancy may develop more slowly and babies exposed to cocaine may develop neurons with chemical imbalances. symptoms for these drug addicted newborns are irritability, fever, and have trouble sleeping, they tend to be less attentive and may not interact well with their mother.

Just because something may not be illegal does not mean that it can’t hurt an unborn baby.  Drugs like alcohol and tobacco can be equally as harmful as the above mentioned illegal substances.  Smoking during pregnancy can damage the fragile young lungs of the unborn.  Consuming alcohol can cause many irreversible things including Fetal Alcohol syndrome.  Our book says that even a mother who consumes too much caffeine can cause damage to her child, including low birth weight, increase risk for miscarriage and may also cause the newborn to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Exposing your children to these dangers is not fair to them and is most certainly a form of child abuse.  If their is a chance a women may become pregnant she should stop taking any illegal drugs, quit drinking and stop smoking.  IF she is on any other medications she needs to consult her doctor.

Tracy Hubertz


~ by tracyhubertz on August 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “Another form of child abuse”

  1. You know, that is such an interesting thought that perhaps i’ve overlooked in relevence. Babies can be born with an addiction do drugs and later develope dangerous addictions, which can land them in jail. There are no laws against smoking or drinking caffeine while pregnant. I’m not sure the details of how this would ever come into effect, but I see you value and judgement in referring to this as “child abuse,” I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for you post.

  2. Just to summarize, before i present my point: So a baby can become addicted in the womb. When its born it doesn’t have access to the drugs and goes into withdrawal.
    Comparing this with the withdrawal manifest by adults, Withdrawal from some substances,(alcohol, and barbiturates, for instance) can be life threatening. Supposing the child’s well being isn’t already in jeopardy due to the drugs taken, I’d like to see some numbers that can attribute infant deaths to withdrawal due to prenatal exposure.
    Is this possible, or would the baby probably die from developmental problems due to maternal drug use, long before they might die from withdrawal?

  3. “Despite the rare cases, no parent would knowingly hurt their children.” Do you actually know the atatistics for this- it is NOT a rare case, it is actually way more common than you could believe.

  4. What I find most heartbreaking is that babies that become addicted to drugs prenatally, and have withdrawal symptoms, are more likely to be abused and neglected by their parents. Withdrawal symptoms create a bad environment for bonding after birth. Babies that are frequently crying, not sleeping and are irritable make for parents that are feeling the same way. It is sad that prenatal abuse can make for a lack of investment in childhood which could lead to even more neglect or sadly enough, domestic violence. It seems like a lot of these babies are destined to struggle from conception and all through life.

    Katie Hasiak

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