Gender does it Matter

In our textbooks it talks briefly about gender and when we can tell what gender the baby is.  The book says you can tell gender when the pregnancies are in the first trimester and in the twelfth week, because external genitals are developed enough to tell the difference in gender. Doctors use an ultrasound to find out what gender the baby is. According to the radiology info website ultrasounds use high frequency waves to produce an image of the baby.

Gender is really important starting even before you are born. I remember when my cousin Mariah first found out the sex of her baby. She was so excited. Finding out the sex of the baby is a pivotal moment for parents and children. In my sociology class we discussed how a child’s gender identity starts the minute you are born and how you are treated differently depending on your sex. My sociology Professor said in many cases when the child is male they are treated rougher and given boy orientated toys. When a girl is born they are coddled and the parents dress the girl all in pink. How children are treated, depending on there sex, has a big role for there future gender identity.


By Tida BLackburn Username emilytida


~ by emilytida on August 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Gender does it Matter”

  1. This behavior of treating children as these stereotypical characters is true of our Western society, and creates problems later in transgender and homosexual kids. Many kids are attracted to trucks or dolls on their own, but when a child is attracted to the “wrong” choice for their gender, it can create lots of problems. If some of these “automatic choices” were not in place, this problem would be somewhat diminished.

  2. Agreed. It is not fair to treat and raise a child from a stereotypical angle. People (or parents) get caught up in societal concerns and the ideal dynamic, without paying enough attention to the individual’s needs and preferences. The whole issue continues to be blown out of proportion, in my opinion.

  3. In some countries you are only allowed a certain number of children, this means if you have many girls born and no sons to carry on the family name, you need to dispose of the girl. Many female newborns are aborted or simply disposed of until they get that male heir to carry on the name.

  4. I have taken many sociology classes in the past, it’s my minor. In my opinion, parents who find out the sex of their child from an ultrasound begin to treat them differently at that moment. They paint the room pink or blue, buy clothing and toys suited to gender and even pick a name for a boy or a girl. Gender makes a huge difference on how we raise our children and how we treat the opposite sex. In most cases children born without a clear gender have one chosen for them by their parents. It can be very problematic if internally the child is feeling more like the gender that was chosen, which can result in being ostracized, depression, and in the worst cases suicide. Gender is important not only socially but also biologically.

    K. Hasiak

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