Post 1- Prenatal Vitamins

What I found interesting about the required reading was how important prenatal care is. I think that many people do not understand what the effects can be for you and your baby if you do not do the right things during the pregnancy. So, I thought that I would share some information I found specifically on prenatal vitamins.

What is in Prenatal Vitamins?

Prenatal Vitamins contain vitamins and minerals that are important to the health of the child while in the womb and the mother carrying the child. Some of these important vitamins and mineral include folic acid, calcium and iron. Other vitamins and minerals include thiamine, zinc etc.

What effect do these vitamins and minerals have on the child and mother?

Web MD states that folic acid helps to reduce defects in the brain and spine of the baby. They state that, calcium helps both mother and child build/ keep bone density and that iron helps both carry oxygen in the blood.

Are Prenatal Vitamins enough?

No, both the book and WebMD say that mothers should also eat healthy, avoid foods that contain teratogans and exercise light-moderately.

A label for a brand of Prenatal Vitamins.

A label for a brand of Prenatal Vitamins.

Whitney Kerr

~ by whitkerr9 on August 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Post 1- Prenatal Vitamins”

  1. I agree that prenatal vitamins are a great source of ‘health’ for the mother and child; however what are the negative sides of prenatal vitamins?

    With women being able to go the store and buy whatever vitamins they deem necessary during their pregnancies; what negative outcome comes from women over medicating themselves with prenatal, iron, folic acid, or other vitamins? I am curious to know if women truly consult with their doctors about vitamins or just assume that taking any vitamin is safe and beneficial.

    Great topic!

  2. I also agree that prenatal vitamins are a significant part in doing everything you can to help bring a healthy baby into the world.

    As for “over medicating…” its just like everything else, just don’t take it further than you need to. We’ve discussed similar things in class, like headphones on a pregnant mothers belly, more is not always better.

  3. Didn’t the book say that while talking these supplements are good if you can’t get it elsewise but it is better to take it from the natural source, in your foods?
    I also think it would be best for a pregnant woman to consult their doctor before taking any vitamin.

  4. I, too, have heard that it is better to get vitamins and nutrients from natural sources (food). I took a nutritions class a couple years ago and learned that pills tend to have less of an affect than food.

    Also, I know some men and women who take prenatal vitamins to help their hair and nails grow. Is this healthy? Can it have any negative affects on those who take it?

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