It’s a Jungle in There

                In our textbook we learn about all the harmful things that can occur during the growth of a child from a zygote to a full grown fetus.  There are so many teratogens that can cause damage to a growing human. The more teratogens a prenatal child is exposed to, the more likely chance that the child will have future difficulties. Similarly, the amount of a teratogens and how long they are exposed to that teratogens will also influence how harmful the teratogens will be to that child. Genes, of both the child and the mother, plays a major role in the teratogens affect. Just like people outside the womb, children in the womb are affected by harmful teratogens differently depending on age. Usually people who are harmed the most by viruses and bacteria are the young and the elderly while those in their 20’s and 30’s have a stronger resistance to illnesses and diseases. However, in the womb the embryonic period, the middle period, is the most dangerous period because that is when the bases of all the body parts are being laid down.

                Substances that are not harmful to a fully matured human can seriously harm a child. Even aspirin, a common household medicine, can be harmful to the growth and well being of a fetus. While the substance might not influence the mother or the child right away it can affect their future.  The drug known as diethylstilbestrol or DES was proscribed to mothers to prevent miscarriages. The future problem was to affect their ability to have children; they were more likely to get vagina and testes cancer; the children they did have were more likely to have problems like prematurity and low birth weight.

I hope that as we grow and learn more about the growth of a child in and outside of the mother’s stomach we can learn to help them grow healthier with a better chance to survive their surroundings.


Emily Blackburn


~ by tidaemily on August 28, 2009.

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