Hey Ya’ll.


My Sister's Wedding.

My Sister's Wedding.

My name is Katie Hasiak. I am enrolled in this class this year because not only am I a psych major and it will help complete my major requirements but I plan to work with kids when I am older. I and specifically interested in animal assisted therapies with disabled children. I am not married and I do not have any kids. But I have been a Maid of Honor and a bridesmaid a few too many times.  I plan on getting married and having kids this at some point in my life but probably not until I am in my thirties. I have big goals ahead so I have made the decision to accomplish those before starting a family….and I get bored with most people I date after 4 weeks and can hardly take care of my cat. Haha. I have a huge military family, 16 members have served and 6 are still serving (not including my former marine boyfriend).  Infact, I will be attending my brother’s Iraq homecoming on KBay in Hawaii in about a week. I’ve lived in Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and I am currently all the way up in Park City. I transferred to Utah from the University of Northern Colorado last year. I work for Budweiser, at an indoor field house, and I am a high school cheerleading coach…. I am a busy girl. So with that said, this is all I am going to leave you with about boring ol’ Me.



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