Babies & Music

I have never heard of Kangaroo Care before Thursday’s class.  From what I have already taken in, it is an amazingly helpful program – not just for premature babies, but for healthy babies, as well.

I am skeptical, however, about the music that is played for the babies.  What exactly is considered “peaceful” music?  I know this sounds like an obvious question, but hear me out.   As adults, we have learned from experience which genres of music we enjoy listening to at certain moments in time (whether it’s to make us happy, help us fall asleep, or to get some aggression/frustration out).  Everyone’s choices are different.  So who decides what kind of music babies should listen to?  Have there been studies done comparing genre of music with health of babies?

Marissa Hayes


~ by Marissa Hayes on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “Babies & Music”

  1. I think that we can safely assume that by “peaceful” music, a NICU, or neonatal unit would play sounds or tracts generally pleasing to the ear. With your point on genres, you were right. As adults we have the option of choosing whichever music genre that we find appropriate for the situation, whether it be the works of Black Sabbath or Simon & Garfunkel. However, an infant has not yet cognitized the purpose or effect of music, therefore has no specific preference to a genre. Because proper research is impossible to conduct, the most constructive option would be to simple play soft, uncomplicated, relaxing music.

    An example might be: classical music, earth sounds, soft melodies, lullaby’s, etc.

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