April Benincosa

Hi class, let me introduce myself my name is April Dawn Benincosa, i was born in April at Dawn.  My parents are not even hippies.   I am twenty nine,  i am six feet tall, and my hair is always different. That would be because i am a hairstylist. I love doing different things i am always looking for the next adventure. I have lived in New York City, Tallahassee Florida, and Versailles France.  I Have been to China, i backpacked Europe for a month, I love to travel.  I also love to Kareoke, in fact  I tend bar at the VFW once a week. I am very social and outgoing except in the class room, for some reason i am a bit shy. I am not married and have no children and don’t really intend to participate in either. I have been a hairstylist for six years i love it, my clients open up and tell me all their woes in life, and are constantly telling me i should be a therapist.  I thought i already was, with being a stylist and bartender.  I thought a degree might be nice so i can actually be a therapist. So here I am back in school after a seven year break, on to another adventure, which would be school… I am looking forward to reading all your blog post and finding out more about everyone..People fascinate me.

~ by abenincosa on August 28, 2009.

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