Sex During Pregnancy (post 1)

Sex is not first thing that comes to mind when talking about pregnancies. It is a subject that is hardly discussed even though sex is the main reason pregnancies occur. People relentlessly discuss many different activities, such as drugs, drinking, diet, exercise, and illness, however sex is a topic that has slipped our minds. Having sex while pregnant, is not as uncommon as one might believe. Whether you agree or disagree with having sex during a pregnancy, there is still knowledge to be gained from knowing the benefits and risks.

The general consensus on sex during pregnancies is that it is okay to do.  During the first trimester, women generally have no desire for sex due to nausea and fatigue. Not until the second trimester is when women start to feel better and have more desire to have sex. During the third trimester sexual drive goes down, because of fatigue and growth of the stomach. This however is not the case for everyone. Throughout the whole pregnancy it is okay to have sex. “Your baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus.”  The amniotic sac is a fluid filled bag that holds the fetus. This helps protect the baby from illness and infection that might occur.

The benefits that come from having sex do not really impact the fetus directly. What it does do, however is help the mother. The state in which the mother is in has a large impact on the fetus. If the mother is happy and less stressed, the fetus will have a healthier life. “Women who had sexual intercourse more than once a week when they were 23-26 weeks pregnant had a lower rate of pre-term delivery than did those who had sex less often.” Klebanoff believes that there is no association with frequency of intercourse and preterm delivery, but the health and well being of the women was the cause.

Studies have also shown that sex can be used to help induce labor. “When a woman experience orgasms, the body releases hormones involved in childbirth.” The hormones help the uterus to contract and helps strengthen the intensity of the contractions. Inducing labor naturally tends to have fewer complications than having a c-section. Having a c-section can increase chances of asthma in the child, nerve injury, blood clots, and many other complications.

While there are benefits to sex during pregnancy there is a small chance that problems may occur. These problems have a higher chance of occurring with people that have a history of birth problems. If one has a history of pre mature labor, miscarriages or bleeding, it is best to avoid sex. There are signs that one should take into account when having sex while pregnant. If there is vaginal bleeding, leaking amniotic fluid or an incompetent cervix sex should be avoided for the safety of the baby. Also sex while pregnant does increase the chances of catching an STD. Sexually transmitted diseases can affect the health of an unborn baby. It is advised for the man to wear a condom to try and prevent the spread of STD’s.

Sex while being pregnant has its both good and bad. It is for the individual to decide to take the precautions needed to engage in such an activity. It is best to visit a doctor and discuss the concerns that may come with having sex. The doctor can help decide if the pregnancy is normal enough to engage in such activity. This will help ensure that your pregnancy will be a successful one.

-Nathan Hu

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~ by nathanhu on August 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sex During Pregnancy (post 1)”

  1. Very Interesting. I am glad you decided on a topic that wasn’t in the book or lecture. It makes it more interesting to read the blog.

  2. In your final paragraphs your suggest that ‘sex while pregnant does increase the chances of catching an STD.’ and I wanted to know where this came from? When thinking about STD’s in general being pregnant doesn’t INCREASE your chances of catching an STD. Having unprotected sex in general with people you don’t know increases your chances. The likelyhood is higher than not that if you are pregnant, you are in some type of relationship or familiar with the person’s sex life that got you pregnant; therefore, a man doesn’t have to wear a condom while a women is pregnant, especially if she knows he is safe. Being pregnant in no way increases your chances of getting an STD when having sex.

    If you have found other information otherwise please send it to me, i’d like to know who says different.

  3. I might have interpreted high risk in the wrong way for STD’s. My comment on “sex while pregnant does increase the chances of catching an STD” is quite reprehensible. If I could/new how to edit the post I would remove it.

    Upon further research I could not find anything about higher or lower chances of catching a STD while pregnant. So if your partner does have an STD it would be advised to use a condom or not to have sex as all during the pregnancy.

    I did read that during certain times during pregnancy one might be more susceptible to infections. Which may lead to pre mature labor.

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