Hello fellow classmates. My name is Nathan and I am planning to major in psychology.  I was born in New York and moved to Utah about ten years ago, because my dad had a job offer at the University. I have an older brother that went to Columbia for graduate school. He just moved in this summer so the house is pretty empty. I am currently a sophomore and I’m still not too sure what kind of career I want to get into.

What got me into psychology was just how people interacted with each other and how the brain works fascinates me. I actually did not put much thought into what I was planning to major in, however psychology just seemed to be right for me. I took this class, because not only does it offer a mode, who doesn’t love infants? The fact that we look at a curious infant the same way they look at us is a unique experience.

I am a pretty boring person I suppose. I enjoy playing video games, pick up sports, and just hanging out with friends. I do not need an exciting activity to be entertained. Maybe when I am 21 I won’t be so boring. Hopefully it will be a good semester.


~ by nathanhu on August 27, 2009.

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