Hi everyone!

My name is Deanna Cote’.  This is my last semester towards getting my BS in Psychology, then onto a Masters program in Social Work or Counseling.  I have had a lot of life experiences involving psychology due to raising 4 kids, having 5 1/2 grandchildren, an ex-husband, & working several years.  I have had no experience in blogging — sorry about the learning curve on my part!  It was scary going back to school after so long, but I figure the years are going to go by anyway….this gives me more choices in what I will be doing in my life a few years from now…..better late than never!  I just moved to SLC a couple of years ago….the CA Bay Area was home most of my life.  I’m enjoying the adventure of new experiences & the change of seasons more than I expected I would.  And now most of my family has moved up here too, which is great, since I think “family” is more important than “geography.”


~ by dscote on August 27, 2009.

One Response to “Hi everyone!”

  1. Glad you figured out the blogging bit :)

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