Hey Palley.

Hey, my name is James Frost.  I’m one to enjoy the pleasures of a cold chocolate milk while watching vigilante justice being dealt out by Charles Bronson.  I’m a Sophomore and I’m majoring in Sociology here at the U.  I’m pretty excited to start up college again after a two year LDS Mission in South Korea.  I heard that this was a rather interesting course and besides that, I found out that it goes towards one of my Criminology certifications.  I really want to go into Government Law Enforcement with either the F.B.I or U.S. Marshals.  I’ve always been interested in detective work and how to better serve the general public.  After my undergrad work I’d also like to go to Law School not only to get a law degree, but to also get a step up on the competition who also want to work for the Federal Government.  Well anywho, I’m stoked to start learning again I guess.  Oh, I’d also like to add that Rocky V is probably the worst piece of garbage movie ever made.  Well, I’m off now to eat delicious pot pie.  Takes it easy.

~ by kersey3 on August 27, 2009.

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