Welcome to PSY 3215!

Congrats! You’ve found your way to our online classroom.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to thoroughly read the syllabus. It contains a lot of helpful information about this class and how you will be graded. To the right of our blog there is a link to the syllabus if you ever want a quick reference without sorting through your papers.

As stated in the syllabus, your first assignment is to get set up on wordpress with a username, then write a short post about yourself. Full credit will be given to everyone who completes this. (ie. you don’t need to worry about the specifications for full or half credit given in the syllabus). This is a freebie. Take it. Make sure to edit your profile with your name so I can give you a grade for your course work.

At the beginning of every new lecture topic, I will post your assigned reading and some guiding questions that you may respond to for your required post (rememeber, these are due every 2 weeks. See syllabus for details). My post will stay at the top of the page until we’ve moved on to a new topic. This will keep you from having to sort through past posts to find the information you need.

Unit 1: Prenatal Development

Reading assignment: pgs 91-105. You may skip the Biology and Environment box on pg 96.

Guiding questions:

  • How does what we know about teratogens relate to “surprise pregnancies?” (ie. those who are not trying or planning to get pregnant)
  • How can giving birth to a drug-addicted infant (which is already a form of abuse) further exacerbate the abusive cycle?
  • There is a new movement of women who are choosing to drink while pregnant. These women feel justified in drinking minimally during pregnancy. Tell us more about this group and at what risk they place their child according to the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). (Again, not in the book, do a bit of searching on your own).
  • The text says nothing about alcohol consumption and breastfeeding. Fill us in on what we need to know.
  • The text mentions prenatal lead exposure. Fill us in on the recent lead-in-toys crisis that affects infant and toddler lead exposure.
(Remember, with “research questions” such as the second, fourth, fifth and sixth questions above, you need to let us know where you get your information – a simple link to a credible website is sufficient).

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One Response to “Welcome to PSY 3215!”

  1. My Name is Reuben Cousin and I am from Los Angeles, California. That means that I grew up as a surfer, but I decided to reside in Utah for a while because of the skiing.
    I am majoring in Psychology because I want to be a wilderness therapist, but my bigger picture goal is to start my own therapeutic wilderness program. Right now I work as a ski instructor at snowbird and as a field staff at a wilderness program during the summer.
    I hope that this class will be easy because I am taking 20 credits this semester. Let me know if you wanna know more about me.

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