Introducing the Incredible….!

hey, I’m stuart and I am a super senior.   I am taking this class because I was going to take the class a summer ago, bought the text book and then couldn’t pay tuition.  I was going to get paid crap in the buy-back, so i decided to not get rid of the book until i took the class.  I am single and have no kids, and if i ever get married, having kids will be her decision.  I’m not the one who has to carry the little aliens around until they pop out.  I’ve never had a child, and I am not particularly sure i want one.

I play guitar, drums and sing.  I write philosophy,  poetry and star wars fiction.  I sword fight with friends on the weekends.  I draw and paint, recently i have been working on art related to my Star Wars writings.  (if you wish to see my art, add me as a friend on Facebook.  Stuart Walker.)  I am working on a BS in Psychology, and a BA in Philosophy.  I am a nerd, though i may not look like it.

Since you all have to read this, I am toying with the idea to write as much as possible(several pages) and make you suffer through all the useless but interesting facts about myself that I can think of.   I don’t recommend anyone else follow my example, since this is probably a blatant abuse of the privalage of the blog.   And on to the useless facts:  I am from Illinois and have been living here in Utah, since 2005.   I plan on going to graduate school and becoming a clinical psychologist.  In high school i founded the chess club, and several other groups.  My first psychology class was as a senior in high school and most of the class were, dare i say it, underachievers?  I  pretty much mocked the absense of intellectual rigor in the corriculum and added my own.

I would brag about my academic prowess here at the university, except that getting A’s here isn’t much of an accomplishment anymore.   (Am i joking, am I cocky, or am I speaking ill of the university?  I was Joking: I have nothing but respect for the hallowed halls of the ivory tower.  And also lying; I don’t have a 4.0 . )  Much as i would love to torment, you, the read longer, perhaps by adding a boring anecdote about some pointless time i went fishing and caught nothing.  I shall forebear.

I am rather ugly, so I shall not post a picture here.

aw humor.  i love you.

btw, did anyone see the reward tidbit when they read the terms and agreements of service?   it was pretty cool, huh.   actually the terms and agreements were perhaps the most reader friendly i have ever encountered.


~ by havok43v3r on August 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Introducing the Incredible….!”

  1. Hi incredible,
    you should become an English major because I’ve never read such an interesting and long blog. however, this is the first time I’ve been to a Blogging site so this probably counts for nothing.

  2. umm….there was a terms and agreements page?

  3. um, yes?

  4. Interesting things proceed forth from interesting individuals. I do NOT want to be an English major.

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